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Delivery from China
materials for

Polystock China is a service for the supply of materials for printing. The purpose of which is to create optimal conditions for all market participants.

Russian market

We supply products to the printing industry of China program in Russia. The printing market is $ 100 billion.

Our clients

We have 2 500 clients every day to make orders for products. It is a large printing and small camera shops.


If you are releasing a quality product, we are ready to provide your services on the territory of Russia.

We present your company,
in Russia!

You do not need to spend money on the opening of its office in Russia. We will present your business efficiently and professionally. We regularly participate in exhibitions, forums and presentations. We are promoting your products and services.


We accompany the transaction from order placement to delivery to the buyer. We work so that it is beneficial to the buyer and the seller. We do not make big margins.
We have a showroom where customers can become familiar with your products. We have our managers, who show the samples. We produce catalogs to customers with your products.
We accept orders from different customers, and we will send you an order. We can accept pre-orders, so that you can prepare for the production of materials or equipment.
We deliver to our customers optimally. For delivery, we use a plane, train, truck or ship. 89 percent of the goods we deliver ahead of schedule.


We have more than 10 000 customers in Russia, and every day we get new customers. We create convenient services for our customers. We are more than a supplier, we are a helper in business for our customers.
We are committed to growth and we want to support our suppliers in Russia. We understand that if it is good for you it will be good for us too. We can develop together, to be partners for many years.
We want to make the service where you can communicate directly with customers using our services. We want you to work with clients and have no borders.


We have a representative office in China and Russia. We are convenient for our customers. We do not make big margins. We earn from 3% to the order.



For cooperation, we need to make favorable conditions for each other.


For our customers it is important to see samples to order. If we have enough samples, we can quickly take orders. We need your support. It will be convenient if you can give us the maximum number of samples. We can give samples for exhibitions and promotions. We can give samples to your customers.


The production quality is important. We do not want the product you sell to us comply with the declared parameters. We check quality at various stages. We check the quality in the manufacturing process of the product. Then we check at the time of receipt of the goods.


We want to make our cooperation successful. We are not a wholesale company, we give service to our customers in Russia. We make no margin on the goods we earn a Commission. We do not deliver the goods to the warehouse, we carry on the order. It would be great if you can give us the installments, we could pay you after payment to us by our clients.


You can keep the goods in our warehouse for quick shipment to the customer. This can be a popular item. For us the fact that we can produce the goods quickly, it is beneficial for you so you will get more money.


Every day we add a new vendor. Every day users of the service increases by 10 companies. During the year we opened new warehouses and offices. Currently we are developing an online platform where you will be able to work with partners. At the moment online platform is ready for 60%.